Oklahoma Amends COVID-19 Quarantine Policies For Schools
Yesterday (01-12-21) Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt announced a change to the state's official COVID-19 quarantine policy for schools. He was joined by the Secretary of Education Ryan Walters and the Commissioner of Health Dr. Lance Frye at the press conference to announce and discuss the new and updated policies.
4 Year Old Has Quarantine Meltdown
I think this little girl has the absolute best reaction to everything that's been going on over the past several months. We can all feel her pain and frustration about quarantine and all the shutdowns that have happened due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It's been rough and I'm sure even harder on the kids so her meltdown in my book is more than justified.
Man Reunites With His Pet Donkey After Being In Quarantine
I can't speak Spanish, but you really don't have to speak the language to understand and appreciate what's going on in this video. A man who was stuck in quarantine is finally able to reunite with his pet donkey who he hasn't seen in awhile. The reunion is captured on video and neither of them can hold back their tears or happiness.
The Harsh Yet Funny Reality Of Quarantine
It's another hilarious parody commercial, this time from Pandemic Productions. I think the only good thing to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is all the funny memes, videos and parodies people are doing to occupy their time and entertain the rest of us.
Owner Video Chats With Dog From Quarantine
A nurse who's been stuck in quarantine at the nursing home she works for has a special reunion with her dog via video chat. They've been separated for three weeks and when she gets on the phone and does her special whistle the dog let's her know how much she's missed.
Behold the American Hedgehog Warrior in all Her Glory!
It's been a struggle to keep entertained, especially if you're a sports fan. Luckily we have Pepper the hedgehog. She's an incredible athlete with a knack for obstacle courses. Her owner/trainer has been sharing videos of her accomplishments while stuck in self-quarantine. Good news, she's back with another great video!