Horse Loves Playing in the Snow [VIDEO]
I, personally, am no longer a fan of snow. I moved south to get away from it. Oh, I don't mind if it snows as long as it's gone within a couple of days. This horse sure is enjoying the white fluffy fun!
Will Winter Never End?
Everyone has been complaining about how cold and snowy this winter has been. Now, there is a movie being made about the awful storms we have endured in the southern states.
One final thing...
Keeping The Kids Busy on a Snow Day
As kids -- they are the BEST DAYS EVER.  You wake up early, hear the news there is NO SCHOOL and you immediately start to plan the chaos that you will create while your parents are at work.  My parents were nurses, so there was a good likelihood that at least one of them would be home with us.  That…
Did You Get The Bread and Milk?
I guess because I was born in a northern state, South Dakota to be exact, I don't understand why Lawtonian's completely FREAK OUT when the weather forecast calls for a little snow or cold.  If you check the grocery store shelves at this very moment I guarantee there is not one loaf of bread or one g…