See the World’s Largest Christmas Tree in Enid Oklahoma This Holiday Season
The world's largest Christmas tree will be in Enid, Oklahoma this holiday season. Make plans now to attend The One, a special holiday happening that will feature concerts, arts and crafts, bands, plays, church services, show choirs, live performances of all kinds, and the largest Christmas tree in the world standing at a whopping 140 feet tall.
Get a Free Garden Kit From Lowe’s During Springfest!
Spring is finally here, why not celebrate with a FREE Garden Kit from Lowe's. Stating today (04-01-21) and throughout the month of April Lowe's will be handing out some really cool free Garden Kits during their "Springfest" to registered customers while supplies last! These are garden to go projects that the entire family can help with and enjoy. During "Springfest" Lowe's has all kinds of scheduled events, activities, demos and projects you can be a part of and most are free, or with very little cost. I know I'll be signing up for the Garden Kits each week and will spend the month planting and gardening.
Water Saving Plants
If you've ever driven around Arizona, you'll notice they don't do grass.  Well, most of them don't.  In many cities, they even give you tax breaks and subsidies for replacing the water-guzzling lawn with decorative rocks and low-water plants...