The jury selection for Taylor Swift's trial against former Denver radio host David "Jackson" Mueller began on Monday (August 7).

In her suit, Swift accused Mueller of "reaching under her dress and grabbing her bottom" during a 2013 photo opp at the Pepsi Center. Mueller, meanwhile is seeking $3 million in damages after being terminated by KYGO radio after he says the station was pressured into "doing the right thing" by firing him.

Lawyers were tasked with narrowing down an initial pool of 60 to a jury of eight, asking potential jurors if they are fans of Swift or had ever seen the photo of Mueller allegedly groping Swift. (The photo was sealed by a judge but leaked online in 2016.)

Expecting a large crowd, the court where the trail will take place has designated 32 seats in for public viewers, while a "public overflow location" and a closed video feed will be available for 75 members, according to CNN.

Jury selections are expected to resume on Tuesday. Swift is expected to testify during the trial.

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