In the above image from left to right, we’ve got Melih F. Cologlu, Kirk Miller, Shane Raymond, Jamie Alderton and James St. Leger. These ripped — and we mean ripped — hardcore athletes make up part of Team Grenade, the shirtless, British hunks behind the Grenade vitamin supplement.

Also in the group are Dan Barnett and Richard “Grenade Abs” Elston, who are both just as interchangeable as the others. What everyone on Team Grenade has is common, though, are two things — a love for the thermogenic, weight-loss Grenade products, and working out.

There’s not a shirt on the market right now that can contain all their muscles. Some times it looks like these guys are about to turn into giant, vein-pulsing Hulks, but that’s only at the wrong angle. Even if you’re not looking to lose weight, you might as well go over to the Grenade site and see why these guys are so much fun to look at.