One teen was devastated after her mom sold the tickets she had purchased to see her favorite band, My Chemical Romance, live — all to buy shoes for her brother instead.

The teen shared her story on Reddit explaining she had listened to the emo band "religiously" since she was 7, noting the concert was "really important" to her since the show had been rescheduled twice.

Her excitement for the show quickly dwindled after she found out her mom sold her tickets to buy her brother some shoes.

The teen said her brother Jack, 8, has cerebral palsy and therefore he wears ankle and foot splints. Since the splints are bulky, he requires a specific type of shoe.

She noted the shoes are quite expensive, and her mom is a "bit broke," as she just got back from a vacation and bought Ed Sheeran tickets for herself.

"I assumed she'd sell her own tickets when she was talking about selling tickets," the girl wrote via Reddit. "I was very wrong, she sold mine. For like double the price I paid as well."

"They're sold out for the date we were going, and I really don't know when or if I'll ever get this opportunity again so I'm livid," she continued, noting she was so furious she decided to move out.

"I packed my s--t last night, and went to my boyfriend's, who's [sic] parents are more than okay with it," she detailed. "My mom thinks I'm being beyond unreasonable for leaving, that I am overreacting, that I'm making her look like a bad mother, etc. etc., she even got my older sister to ring me and berate me down the phone."

Although she thought she made the right decision at first, she shared is starting to feel like an "a--hole."

Users on Reddit have rallied around the teen, wondering why the mom didn't purchase the shoes with her own money.

"Have you asked your mom why she didn't sell her tickets? I'd demand the money from her if you paid with your own money," one person wrote, while another commented: "I would demand your money back. From your description your mom sounds highly immature. She has a disabled child, gets completely broke after a holiday, then sells her daughter['s] tickets, which she bought with her own money, without consent, instead of selling her own."

"She's the parent and it's HER job to financially take care of your brother not you. You might be 17 but your money is to do with as you please. You're not making your mom look bad; she IS a bad mom. This was not the way for her to handle this situation at all," another person weighed in.

Another user wrote they should get the authorities involved: "Don't forget to file a police report, even if it's your mother. The reason she did this was because she assumed she could get away with it. Then when they sue your mother, show up to court and testify that the tickets were stolen."

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