A teen went viral on Reddit after claiming he will "never get a girlfriend" due to the humiliating name his dad gave his new puppy.

In his post on Reddit's TIFU (Today I F---ed Up) thread, the young man shared his parents had gifted him a Golden Retriever puppy for Christmas, which he initially named Holly.

"Since it was Christmas, I decided 'Holly' was an appropriate name," the anonymous 19-year-old wrote.

"Due to circumstances at the time, I couldn't take her home immediately," he continued, adding he "left her with my parents for a couple of weeks."

During that time, the teen's dad jokingly listed the dog's name as "Mizz Princess Hollywood" with the American Kennel Club. He also registered the dog with that same name at the vet.

The young man was unaware his dad had gone rogue by re-naming his puppy, but he found out in the most embarrassing way.

While visiting the vet for Holly's check-up, he was stunned to learn that the pup's name was listed on her form as "Mizz Princess Hollywood."

"So I'm sitting in the waiting room, and a cute girl around my age comes in with a beautiful German Shepherd pup and sits by me," he wrote. "Our pups start playing together, so we inevitably talk."

They were "hitting it off, talking about the joys and downs of puppy ownership" when suddenly "the receptionist steps up and calls: Mizz Princess Hollywood?"

"Now I'm already embarrassed, but it didn't help that while I was still standing up there, they call out 'Bowser' (or something else fairly masculine), and the cute girl stands up with her pup," he continued.

"I just walked into the exam room red-faced and never saw her again," he concluded.

While many Reddit users were tickled pink by the young man's father's funny name prank, others offered reassurance and encouraged him to keep looking for love.

"I'm sure the girl didn't care or thought it was funny," one user commented. "I feel like no one chooses to date or not to date based on the name of the person's dog."

"You should have got up and said, 'It's a long story, but I'd love to tell you about it over coffee after this,'" another person advised.

"I think it's hilarious the vet calls out the dog's name rather than the owner's name," someone else wrote.

Meanwhile, another Reddit user tried to explain the real reason why the teen's father might have given the dog such a ridiculous name: "The reason for the weird name is just because they need a unique name for AKC (or any kennel club) registration. They're not totally random, as the first part of the name is usually the kennel where they're from, and the part after that can reflect the litter's theme. But you're not going to say 'Ice Mountain's Ready Aim Fire At Blumist, sit!' ... they have a 'call name,' like Sparky or Honey."

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