There are a ton of useless products out there for shooters. This is that 'needle in a haystack' product every shooter needs.

When it comes to reloading, I've seen, bought, and used just about every product on the market. Speedloaders, Lula triggers, stripper clips, magazine jigs... You name it, I've probably owned it at one time or another. All the same, I always end up just going back to square one. The factory magazine loader, or just using my thumbs like John Moses Browning intended.

That being said... this looks like a legit product. Naturally, I went on the hunt for it, and managed to find 'em. They're moderately priced in the $30 range, but everywhere that lists them is 'out of stock.'

As far as I can Google, B&T only make this for MP5 & MP9 variants, so most of us are out of luck from the draw. What's more worrisome, the company that produced this product no longer lists them in their catalog... but as the video gains popularity, you can bet they'll either produce it again, or China with copy it for half as much. Look forward to spending more time on the firing line.

EDIT: Hindsight being 20/20... I guess this loader would really only benefit those who bought ammunition one box at a time. Buying in bulk, a thousand at a time, you'd still have to load up a tray one at a time.