In the last masculine sport in the world, leave it to the Dallas Stars to come through on a dare the NFL was too chicken to pull off.

Sure, it's a novelty that only really attracts a young, niche audience, but the stage was set for Maroon 5 and the NFL to broaden a horizon and meme their way through a halftime show.

In the weeks leading up to that moment, the band teased that it would happen after a massive online insurgency of Spongebob nerds and meme-culturalists called for it. And when that moment came, they delivered a few seconds of it before hopping into what I'm assuming was turkey calls set to drum beats. The internet let loose their rage.

Someone over at the Dallas Stars instantly put out their 'Sweet Victory' intermission show to reddit, to which millions of new Stars fans were instantly born again in green.

It's hilarious how far this meme went, and just as fun to watch the reactions of rage. For it's not enough to succeed in life... everyone else must fail.