If you don't know what a stylophone is, you're not alone. It's a forgotten thing from a time long ago. I'd call it an instrument, but come one... it's a novelty. This dude is as proficient on his stylophones as any person could be with any single instrument, and he's deserving the designation of an artist or musician, but that doesn't change the fact that the stylophone is a toy made in a day when electronic music was going to revolutionize the world. Looking at the pop music world, that story came true in the sense that music is no longer played, but built, and at least this dude can rock his little corner of the world.

There has been no shortage of tributes online going out to Eddie Van Halen and his family. Even the country of The Netherlands got in on it playing Van Halen from the tallest bell tower in the whole country. Most are pretty heartfelt, some are obviously about the clicks and revenue generated from views. This dude, given his middle-tier popularity and the fact he only makes stylophone cover videos is totally in line with those paying legit homage to the man that put us on a path to hair metal.

That's not a dig btw... Hair metal has its place, and some of it is still good. Some.

Growing up a guitar player in school, I'll never forget the confusion of picking up one of EVH's signature Peavy guitars. There was a music store in the Kansas town across the border that sold the good stuff, and were more than welcoming for anybody to play whatever they wanted. It only had one pickup and one knob. I remember it being really loud too. Looking back on what those early models are worth now, I wish I had bought it.

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