By: Robert King

I got up about 6:30 this morning to see the 'Super Blue Blood Moon.'

I don't recall seeing a blood moon before, so that was my favorite part.

A blood moon is actually a total lunar eclipse. It occurs when the moon travel's through the earth's umbra, blocking sunlight from lighting up the surface of the moon. However a little bit of sunlight still indirectly reaches the lunar surface through the earth's atmosphere, which bathes the moon in a reddish glow.

I thought that my view of the blood moon wasn't as "bloody" as I hoped it would be, but the eclipse was the best part. You could see the remaining white part of the moon form a present as the "blood" slowly covered the moon's surface.

The whole process lasted for about 30 minutes until the sun began to rise, making the blood moon harder to see. It looked as if the moon was slowly fading away.

Here is the best picture I got on my iPhone SE. I don't have a camera that would take decent moon photos.







Now a little about the Blue Moon.

This one was a 'Monthly Blue Moon' which means that it was the second full moon in a single month with TWO full moons.

You know when you sometimes go outside at night and the nighttime sky is really bright and you can see everything - as if it were daytime, except it is nighttime. That is a full moon. I live for nights like those.

Reportedly the next time we'll see two full moons in a single month is in the year 2037.

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