So lets say you've been in a huge band that saw massive success a few years ago. Initially, you all took a break to do your own things, but then decided it was time to reenter the scene and dominate the world again. What's your first step? Eating the hottest wings in the world, duh!

Hot Ones is one of the most entertaining of all YouTube channels because you get to see celebs at their most vulnerable. Sure, they all put on a brave face, but even Gordon Ramsey couldn't take the heat. Not that there's anything wrong with that. While I love everything spicy, I've had a handful of these sauces and couldn't hardly pull my way through half of them. Spicy is good, but heat for the sake of heat is just brutal.

So The Jonas Brothers have a new tour planned and an album available for pre-order right now. If you're interested, click here.

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