The chance to be a part of some really amazing opportunities happen often in this community. And, when these opportunities are performed with the heroes who risk their lives to save and protect us from harm or danger; it becomes even more of a blessing to be able to contribute to the particular project.

We are a city of heroes in various forms. Their super human powers manifest in the silhouettes of the strength, courage and the unwavering bravery it takes to perform their various occupations.

But to them, it's not just a job. It's not just an occupation. It is their calling.

What they do is not easy. What they do is not safe. I saw a proverb that said, "Fire knows nothing of mercy." I could not even imagine! It takes a very special person to wake up everyday and be expected to purposely...yet purposefully, step into the heat of the battle, literally. Everyday is an opportunity for them to potentially save a life, or... sacrifice their own. Yet despite the consequences, they are still willing to do whatever it takes at any given moment for those they do not know and may never even meet again.

That is why this was more than just participating in a "potentially viral" #LipSyncChallenge for me. As I looked at these guys through my camera lens; laughing, dancing, performing & having an amazing time doing so; I saw men who look fear in the eye everyday with the intention of going into harm's way, specifically to save the lives of the unknown. And yet, they somehow still managed to contribute their version of the latest viral challenge with enormous smiles, sparks of comedic timing and pure unadulterated boy-band swag! No, I didn't see guys who wanted to be "boy-band famous". I saw my heroes.

That's why, on behalf of myself, my coworker, Mallorie Jacoby, the entire Townsquare Media staff and, I'm sure, the entire Lawton/Ft. Sill community; I would like to thank The Lawton Fire Department for the opportunity to be a part of the creation of The LFD's contribution to the #LipSyncChallenge.Y'all did that! #fiyaaah

Check out Lawton Firefighter & LATEST VIRAL SENSATION, Sonny Puletasi doing the #InMyFeelings Challenge. 17 MILLION VIEWS & counting!!!! #fiyaaah #InMyFeelingsChallenge #Shiggy #LawtonFirefighters #WeTheBest

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