Amidst a sea of fact- and opinion-based newspapers, parody publication The Onion has stood as a beacon of completely made-up journalism for 1,000 issues. The paper has never received a prize for its years of service, so naturally, an also made-up watchdog group called Americans for Fairness in Awarding Journalism Prizes has taken up the noble cause of pressuring the Pulitzer committee to bestow The Onion with its top honors.

To show your support for your favorite fabricated paper (home to recent headlines like “Area Man Not Exactly Sure Why Doctor Needed Him Undressed For That” and “California To Release All Prisoners Who Seem Nice Enough“)  visit the AFAJP site to sign the petition, download a form letter and upload your own testimonial in support of The Onion.

Watch AFAJP representative Stephen Forbeck make his Pulitzer appeal below:

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