This day in age, odds are, before you visit or move to a new town, you'll start doing a little web research to give you the heads up of what you're in for. One of my favorite resources for travel is YouTube. You get to see a place you're headed through the experiences of someone else. So here's the question... have you ever YouTubed "Lawton Oklahoma?"

Odds are, if you do, you'll find a bunch of real estate videos junking up the search results, but if you filter through by popularity, there's some real diversity in the YouTube content coming out of this town. Here's the top five most viewed Lawton Oklahoma video on YouTube.

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    Pantera At Lawton Hard Roxx

    If you haven't heard the tale yet, Pantera was basically the house band at Hard Roxx up on Fort Sill Boulevard back when FSBLVD was still bars and strip clubs. When they finally snagged a record deal, their first tour was playing all the small venues they'd cut their teeth in over the years as an album release celebration. That album was Cowboys From Hell. This video is just one of the survivors from that decade of them bringing the house down amidst smoke, booze, and lots of hair spray.

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    A LCJDR Commercial

    With a total of six subscribers, this eighteen seconds of commercial goofiness managed to rack up nearly half a million views in the last year or so. How? I don't know. Perhaps it ran as a regular ad that many times during the month it was published, or maybe people really do enjoy goofy commercials. Either way, it's officially the #4 most popular Lawton Oklahoma YouTube Video.

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    Lawton's Last Tornado

    If you've done a little digging like I have, you'll know Lawton has a short history with tornadoes. The Terrible Tuesday tornado event dropped a twister in Lawton, but Wichita Falls took the prize of the day for their devastating storm. There was the infamous "Gustnado" event in 1999 that leveled housing construction out in Pecan Valley, but it was also overshadowed by the infamous May 3rd OKC weather. Once again in 2013, Lawton experienced a tornado that was eventually forgotten in the wake of the May 2013 OKC tornado. Luckily, YouTube keeps tabs on history.

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    The Zonterious Johnson LPD Shooting

    This is one of the most recent Lawton videos to be uploaded to YouTube, and at half a million views in just a few weeks, it's something many people have watched. If you remember, the family and many in the community asked for the bodycam footage of this incident to be released for about three months. When it was finally released, protests happened across Lawton, including those in and around the police station. Tempers and passions flared high, I doubt either side will soon find peace in this terrible situation all around.

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    Pennywise Cosplay For Halloween

    You know, when Hollywood announces they're trying to bring back and remake a classic, most people have nothing but ire. After all, how can you remake a classic? All the same, the IT reboot came and went with rave reviews as a continuation of an old story. Even the third one received praise. It's no wonder this short thirty second clip of one of Lawton's most devoted Halloween enthusiasts earned ITs almost seven million views worldwide.

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