UPDATE (6/10): The Veronicas have taken a concerted step toward the dancehall in the new full version of "In My Blood" — listen above.

Craft stores far and wide, beware — The Veronicas are coming for your sparkles.

The Australian sister-sister pop-rock duo, who teased new music in May, shared a new, eerie teaser for forthcoming single "In Your Blood," set for release on Friday (June 10). And in the minute-long segment above, the ladies don't seem to be as much Type A or Type O as they are Type Sequin.

"The Veronicas still exist?" a caption asks in the video before the girls fearlessly strut through hollowed-out pools, stare hypnotically at motel walls and coolly loiter around an abandoned impound lot. Then, when shorts and T-shirts that read "Psycho" become too cumbersome, The Veronicas strip down to pink, painted-on bodysuits that could light up a dance hall more effectively than a mirror ball.

The group previously teased "In My Blood" with a shorter sample of the shoot that insisted "The bitches are back...soon."

The Veronicas, the sisters' most recent, eponymous album, hit stores in November 2014 and included singles "You Ruin Me," "If You Love Someone" and "Cruel." Their previous LP,  2007's Hook Me Up, included the group's first single to reach the Billboard Hot 100, "Untouched." A fourth LP is due out later this year.

What do you make of the new "In My Blood" teaser? Share your thoughts on The Veronicas' new clip in the comments.

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