With Aerosmith now in its fourth decade of existence, Steven Tyler has been in our public consciousness for so long that sometimes it’s hard to remember what the rubber-faced singer and ‘American Idol‘ judge used to look like. Let’s jog our memories a bit, shall we?

Compared to the photo on the left, taken waaaay back in 1976, Tyler’s now 63-year-old face is still just as pliable, albeit with a lot more lines and wrinkles (hey, no one lives that fast without the requisite skid-marks on the guard rails). Whether or not he’s had a surgical nip-and-tuck here and there is a matter of hotly-contested debate, but he has admitted to being a Botox devotee.

Regardless, he doesn’t have the “wax museum” look so many older stars seem to favor these days — and for that, we are eternally grateful. Dude may look like a lady, but there’s no rule that says he ever has to look like Joan Rivers.