So I was letting my YouTube roll while working in the garage this weekend and this caught my eye. It's a ranch down in Uvalde, Texas that rents out tanks, howitzers, full auto machine guns, flamethrowers, etc... All of the cool things every young boy has dreamed about experiencing. If you're pockets are deep enough, you can drive around and even shoot one of those huge shells out of your rented tank.

Where is Uvalde, Texas? I googled it. It's like an hour and a half/two-ish hours West of San Antonio. Yes, it's a long drive, but this much fun can only be had out in the middle of literal nowhere. On a good day, you can make that trip in about seven hours if you go through Abilene... but if you take an alternate route, stay 283 South out of Wichita Falls, you can meander your way down to Brownwood, TX - home of the last remaining Underwood's Cafeteria in the nation. If you haven't heard the tales of the one that used to be here in Lawton, it's like a Furr's cafeteria, but with BBQ. Walk the line with a tray, serve yourself whatever you want, it's a perfect system and the reason they don't exist in popularity anymore confuses me, but now I'm off topic from the tanks.

While the driving rental on the tracked vehicles starts at a reasonable $600 (reasonable because $600 between a handful of friends is manageable) the real heavy hitters grow in price pretty quickly, most of the drive & shoot experiences run $2800-$3200. Is it expensive? Yeah, these are big boy toys. Who do you know in your large circle of friends that can drop a line at the party like "Yeah, I've shot a Sherman before."

Here's the website.

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