How many 'Dad Jokes' have you heard in your life? I bet that number is high. Like really high. For instance, my dad was a quiet man, but when he spoke, about half the time he was popping off a terrible and hilarious pun. It was his super power.

Skip forward to 2019, the 'Dad Joke' is in vogue. So much so that you don't even have to be a dad to quip one out. You just find your angle and insert punchline. Bonus points if you get one of those exasperated sighs of embarrassment. No lie, I aim for that sound every time I hang around my nephews. They don't get enough dad jokes in their life. I assume. Because you can't really have enough right?

So this brilliant beefy dad took it upon himself to take the number one song in the country and make it all about being a dad, and it deserves its own place on a chart. It's brilliant how he captures the truly dad-specific behaviors in artistic rhythm. Give this man a Grammy!

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