I love to visit my Mother but I noticed one thing this week while visiting with her, this is not a very 'senior friendly' world that we live in.

She called the pharmacy to refill her prescription, she had to use the automated system. There was a problem with her prescription so she had to hold for assistance. The pharmacy assistant told her she would have to call her Doctor. She called the Doctor and was transferred to his nurse, she got her voice mail and left a message.

Then she went online to check her bank balance. I guess it asks her a security question periodically to maintain her secure account. She couldn't remember the answer to the question and locked herself out of her online banking. She had to call the bank to get her account reset and went through an automated system and was placed on hold. The attendant at the bank was very friendly and walked her through resetting her account.

My mother is very smart and I know this frustrates her. It frustrated me to watch her have to go through all of this. Why can't we just answer the phone instead of making our most precious citizens go through so much trouble to live their daily lives?