A teen went viral on TikTok after uploading a video in which she makes a groundbreaking personal revelation about how hair grows.

"Just found something out," TikTok user @brittbarbie2 says at the start of a video she uploaded to the platform last week. What follows is a scientific discovery the likes of which we haven't heard in a long time.

"I never knew that your hair grows from up here," the teen says while pointing at her scalp. "I never knew that."

"I always thought that your hair grows from right here," she continues musing, gesturing to the ends of her hair.

Her mind is suddenly blown as she ponders: "Is there hair in my head? Like actually like in there? Where is it coming from? Like, I'm scared for real. I don't know... Is it like in my forehead?!"

Watch her truly iconic discovery below:

The oversized lashes, the changing accent, the George Washington hashtag in the caption... It's not entirely clear if her revelation is a joke or not. However, this is the definition of camp, and you cannot convince us otherwise.

With nearly 19 million views and more than 2 million likes, @brittbarbie2 has a viral sensation on her hands.

After she posted the clip, viewers rushed to the comments section to weigh in on her discovery. And they came prepared with jokes

"Lost so many brain cells it's not funny," one user wrote.

"Reopen schools," another demanded.

"You're gonna lose your mind when you find out about follicles," someone joked.

"I'm still processing the George Washington hashtag," a user admitted, while someone postulated, "This would kill a pilgrim."

"Yes girl," another wrote. "We're filled with hair."

"There are tons of people who think it grows from the bottom, actually," someone generously pointed out.

The top comment, however, came from actress Skai Jackson's verified account: "Go back to school girl..."

TikTok user @BrittBarbie2 clearly saw Jackson's comment — she responded to it directly in a follow-up TikTok clip.

"I actually can't go back to school due to bullying because people make fun of how I look," she explained. "But I am homeschooled, and it teaches me a lot. So thank you."

Watch the response video below:

In case you, like @brittbarbie2, never knew how exactly hair grows, we did a bit of research into the topic.

According to HealthLine, hair sprouts from the approximately 100,000 follicles located on our scalp.

What causes growth? The publication explains that blood in the scalp carries oxygen and nutrients to the hair rooted in each follicle. That's how we gain inches.

As the hair grows, it pushes through the skin on our head and goes past an oil gland. The oil from the gland is what makes our hair so nice and shiny.

And that's the science behind hair. The more you know!

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