A TikTok user revealed a list of baby names that would totally "slap" if they didn't have their original meanings.

"You can't tell me these wouldn't be cute," @gailolee says in her viral TikTok video.

She begins listing off her favorite bizarre-but-cute baby names, starting with non-other than "Chlamydia."

"You can't tell me that isn't a pretty name if it didn't mean STD," she tells TikTok.

"Analysis" would also make a "cute" name for a girl, she reasons.

Moving away from scientific-sounding names and toward the breakfast table, she jokes, "Omelette! Sounds like an 'eggcellent' name to me."

"Dyslexia" is another option, she says. "You could even shorten it to Lexi. It's brilliant."

"Duvet" is another "fun, fresh and fancy" name according to @gailolee, while "Sanity" is another "brilliant name."

Finally, the TikTok user admits that she has an affinity for a name inspired by a famous bacteria.

"OK, here me out... Salmonella," she says, adding, "You could even shorten it to 'Ella.' What's not to love?"

Watch the viral video, originally posted in 2020, below:

TikTok viewers responded with approval in the comments section.

"Omg, I love it, especially analysis," one person wrote.

"This is my fave thing ever. You scream good vibes, and I'm here for it!" another commented.

User @gailolee's roundup of bizarre baby names was a thought starter for others, who took to the comments section to share their own unique ideas.

"I really like the name ankle or enamel," one person wrote, while others suggested names such as "Celery" and "Vaseline."

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