Todd Rundgren fans will be out in Philadelphia this weekend hoping to break a world record as a way to pay tribute to Rundgren’s longtime keyboardist Mark “Moogy” Klingman, who recently died of cancer.

The fans will gather on Saturday at Philadelphia’s Upper Darby — site of the final tour date of the Rundgren-led band Utopia — and use 3,000 flow sticks to spell out “LOVE,” besting what fan organizers said is the Guinness World Record of 300 glow sticks used to spell out the word.

“I wanted to do something special to commemorate the final show of the tour, and a friend suggested a love message in glow sticks for Moogy (a long-time Rundgren friend and collaborator who was a founding member of Utopia),” said Rundgren fan and event organizer Bill Bricker of Charlottesville, Va.

“With a little quiet advertising on Todd’s fan pages, I got together with other fans willing to pay $10 each to pay for 100 glow sticks a piece. Very quickly we raised the money needed to provide everyone at the show with glow sticks. We now have 3,000 ready to go. 2,300 are all colors except white distributed randomly as fans enter the area.”

Prior to the encore at the conclusion of Saturday’s show, Bricker said 700 specially placed white glow sticks will be illuminated to display the word “LOVE” similar to the famous Love Park Statue.

Find out more about Saturday’s concert at Rundgren’s website.

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