Tom Hanks is burning up social media and Carrie Underwood's better half is hanging 'em up. Here are today's Pop Bits.

When Tom Hanks Talks, You Listen

The two-time Oscar winner is trending on Twitter with the hashtag #TomHanksToldMeTo, which is probably a lot better than #OJToldMeTo.

The Dark Tower Doesn't Rise to the Hype

Reviews for the film, based on the Stephen King series, are not too good. Yikes.

Carrie Underwood's Hubby Is Out of a Job

Mike Fisher, who played with the NHL's Nashville Predators, has announced his retirement. We have a hunch they won't be hurting though, even if they're only a one-income family now.

Krispy Kreme's Peanut Butter Doughnut Is Just What America Needs

Krispy Kreme has announced plans to sell a Reese’s Peanut Butter doughnut. "Perfect."

The $1,200 Smartphone Is Really, Really Big

The RED Hydrogen One smartphone costs a whopping $1,200! Here's some good info in case you want to break the bank and get one for yourself.

Send Money Via Skype? Sure, Why Not

People will be able to send their friends money through PayPal via Skype, which means there is no longer any way to avoid that bookie you owe. The technology will be available in nearly two dozen countries, including the U.S.

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