As radio personalities, we have a lot of fun when it comes to promoting various events in the community. One of our many responsibilities is to create audio & visual products that inform our listeners of the details of upcoming activities.

Normally, you only get to see the finished product: polished to perfection, no mistakes made, lines memorized & no words “messed up.” What you don’t see are the many times it took for us to get it together. Don’t get it twisted, we are consummate professionals. We’ve all been in this game for years, some of us decades; so, the imperfection is certainly not due to lack of trying. No... It’s mostly because we’re goofballs!

Part of what makes this job so pleasurable is the fact that we all have so much fun while doing it. Yes, issa grind! We work extremely hard at what we do; but when you love your job and enjoy being around your co-workers, it reflects greatly in the work you produce.

This particular video was shot with the production staff while we were promoting the concert at Ft. Sill. In it, you can clearly see the camaraderie shine through. The laughter, the jokes, the teasing, it’s all real, and it’s all a daily occurrence.

We consider ourselves a family. This includes all that that encompasses. You will be praised when it’s warranted, encouraged when you need it, set straight when you get outta line and read for filth when it’s absolutely necessary. You know…exactly like your family would do!

Check out the video above to get a sneak peek at some of the antics the production staff deals with here at Townsquare Media.

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