Traveling in the comfort of our great country is pretty easy, minus the whole TSA screening process (which I’ve actually never had a bad experience and I travel A LOT!), but what about for international travel? Read on for the top 5 must have items to pack in your carry on + more tips!

  1. Passport: This is a must have if you’re traveling outside the US. You can’t go in or out without it. If you forget everything else, you will still be okay as long as you have this! A photocopy of your passport is great to give to someone traveling with you in case your passport gets stolen (super rare but can happen).
  2. Electronics: If it has an on/off switch, it probably has a charger to go along with it. Never separate the two. It is always a smart idea to carry on your phone, computer, electronic reader, iPod, etc. Anything else that is special to you or cost you your paycheck + your first child, you should definitely carry it on (jewelry, special gifts).
  3. Medications: Don’t rely on your suitcase making it the same time as you do, because, well, it won’t always. Keep the important medications with you and make sure you have them in their appropriate prescription containers or bottles. Mixed meds don’t always make a great statement when the canines are released. Ibuprofen and/or Dramamine are great to have in case you get a little airsick. If you wear contacts, you will want to keep an extra pair and your glasses with you as well.
  4. Jacket: Airplanes change temperatures like a woman during menopause. You can never tell if it will be too hot or too cold but it’s always great to be prepared. A light jacket, scarf, or blanket can be a lifesaver if you experience a chill at 10,000 feet.
  5. Snacks: Don’t rely on airlines to feed you for free anymore. Bring munchies for that long plane ride or if you’re flying during meal times. The snack size crackers or candy work great to tie you over until you reach your destination.

These are all must-haves for your carry on, but here are a couple extra tips to get you through security easy and efficiently:

-Wear shoes that are easy to get on and off.

-Don’t wear long dresses or skirts. Expect to get searched if you do (been there, done that).

-Pull your laptop out of your bag and put it in a separate screening container. They will make you do it anyways and this will save time if you do it for them.

-Put all your 3oz liquids in a plastic baggy ahead of time; throw out anything that is over 3oz, including that new lotion you just bought (pack it in your suitcase!).

-SMILE and BE COURTEOUS! They are just doing their job and from the looks of it, a not so fun one at that.

Now that we have the basics down, where will you travel first?