Even though the first Tron film didn’t perform very well at the box office, and even though Tron: Legacy was mostly derided by critics and fans alike and pretty much flopped financially, Disney is moving forward with plans for Tron 3. It’s certainly the most eyebrow-raising news of the week, as it basically comes out of nowhere—but it’s happening, and it’s shooting this fall in Vancouver.

The news originates at VanCity Buzz, a local Vancouver site, which claims that Tron 3 will begin production this fall in Canada. Garrett Hedlund is apparently attached to reprise his role from Tron: Legacy with Joseph Kosinski also returning to direct. While that might sound a little fishy, particularly given that the rumors we’d previously heard about another sequel were faint at best, Badass Digest has confirmed the news with a reliable source.

This is some pretty baffling news—the second Tron film cost a reported $170 million to make (which in itself is suspect), and just barely made that money back at the box office, even when you take international returns into account. Films like this typically do well overseas, but in the case of Tron: Legacy, that wasn’t really the case.

Tron: Legacy centered on Hedlund’s Sam Flynn, who goes searching for his father Kevin (Jeff Bridges, reprising his role from the original) in the virtual world his dad created. The film also featured Olivia Wilde and Martin Sheen, and while the promise of a new Tron movie seemed exciting at the time, the sequel was ultimately a failure.

Maybe they’ll get it right this time?

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