When it comes to "Old Glory" most people have the utmost respect for it and what she stands for and what she has been through. Unfortunately there are some people and some businesses who do not pay attention to the condition that it is in. That is where John Henderson steps into the picture. John is a 63 year old Viet Nam Veteran who was eating at Burger King in Perkins Township, Ohio recently. He noticed the flag was in horrible shape and should not be flying.

It got so bad that Mr. Henderson could not finish his burger and went out side and took down the Stars and Stripes. He said after taking it down, "Whether it be right or wrong, I have a deep feeling for this country and all the people who died for it."

Afterwards he took the flag to a local VFW for proper retirement. An employee of the restaurant reclaimed the flag from the VFW and mentioned the possibility of filing charges. Later a training supervisor with the company agreed to met face to face with Henderson and made a promise to replace the flag.

Now on my soap box I go. If you do not know how to properly display your American Flag, ask. There are definitely right and wrong ways to do so.

Please treat our flag with dignity. She has been around for 235 years. And has many years left in her.