Valentine's Day is here, and to celebrate we've rounded up the most romantic love songs from some of the biggest names in classic rock history, including Led Zeppelin, Kiss and the Beatles.

You'll find Top 10 Love Song lists from each of those artists, as well as from Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and Neil Young. In addition, we've put together a countdown featuring some of the most romantic videos in rock music history.

Oh, and if you think all this Valentine's Day hoopla is total nonsense, we've got a brand new Anti-Love Songs list for you, as well!

Valentine's Day Lists from Ultimate Classic Rock:

Top 10 Led Zeppelin Love Songs
Top 10 Kiss Love Songs
Top 10 Bruce Springsteen Love Songs
Top 10 Neil Young Love Songs
Top 10 Billy Joel Love Songs
Best Beatles Love Songs
Most Romantic Rock Music Videos
Top 10 Anti-Love Songs

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