Get ready for a precious gift this weekend, you guys. A meme has been born via the alleged feud between Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande. Although the controversy started making headlines years ago, apparently some fans never let it go. An interview with the cast of Victorious (on air from 2010-2013) has resurfaced on Twitter, and in it, Justice is throwing around major shade.

The video starts off with Elizabeth Gillies saying, "One thing you don't know about Ariana Grande is that she literally sings everything. She's starting to forget how to talk in her own voice, because she sings everything. And it's a good thing, because she has a beautiful voice."

As she finishes praising Grande, castmate Daniella Monet responds that Giles also sings a lot. It's at this point the floodgates open.

Like she was holding back until she felt justified by Monet's opinion, Justice jumps in with "I think we all sing." All the music prowess talk around her but not about her apparently hit a nerve.

Despite the fact that fans are taking this declaration to be a Grande dis, Justice has denied there ever truly was a feud between the ladies. In 2015 on
The Meredith Viera ShowVictorious

An Ari Ponytail for Any Occasion:

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