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Neighbors Say Vin Diesel's Security Team Is 'Abusive'

Vin Diesel is currently renting a house in the Dominican Republic and his security team has reportedly gotten on the wrong side of neighbors. One neighbor told Page Six that the actor's team interrogates them and blocks the street with up to six SUVs. On Easter, the security team allegedly blocked traffic and pedestrians so the actor and his family could ride their bikes. (via Page Six)

Americans Use the Same Password for at Least Six Accounts

According to a new study, the average American uses the same password for six different accounts, both work and personal. Of the survey respondents, 57 percent even admitted that if they lost their phone, they would be locked out of most of their accounts. (via Yahoo! News)

Jason Derulo Shares His TikTok Career Advice

Singer and TikTok star Jason Derulo gave out some free advice for anyone who wants a career making content on the platform. One bit of wisdom? Immerse yourself in the community and want it more than anyone else! (via Just Jared)

Rachael Kirkconnell Says Matt James 'Broke Her Trust'

After a recent trip to New York City in an effort to reconcile their relationship, Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell might officially be over. A source close to Kirkconnell said that she was ignoring red flags and that he broke her trust because he wasn't ready to be in a relationship. (via People)

Scientists Issue Warning: Don't Deep Fry Water!

A new TikTok trend has people deep frying water by combining calcium alginate and water to form a ball before breading and frying it. However, scientists are warning people not to try the experiment at home, as it could lead to "fiery explosions." (via Daily Mail)

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