Get Online and VOTE!  It's rare we can directly help the arts in our local schools.  And we rely more and more on their ability to help themselves.  The band members at Frederick High School have done just that.  They submitted the video above to an online contest sponsored by the TV show "Glee".  Glee is awarding 75 a share of $1 million dollars to help fund the musical programs in school.

We have till November 7th to make a difference.  So, whether or not you voted in the last election:  doesn't matter.  THIS is change we can see immediately.  The link to vote is on the Glee Give A Note website.  You can (and should) vote once a day till November 7th.

When you vote, think about the great times you had in high school band.  I remember marching with the french horn, the tuba, the baritone.  Playing in concert band on the same three instruments (hello, small town girl here).  Most of my friendships and post-high school relationships with high school friends were solidified in that band hall.  How about you?  Now:  GO VOTE.