Are you feeling like you're getting less intimate with your partner? Some people would often read marriage advice columns or just seek a counselor in this sort of thing. What this husband did will surely secure that he will never have sex with his wife ever again.

The husband, who has remained unnamed, decided to create a Word Excel spreadsheet of the days he tried to initiate sex, if he got a yes or no response and if he got a no the reason that was given for no "sexy sex."

The dates he recorded are from June 3 to July 16 and according to the Excel sheet, the couple engaged in sex only three times.

How does the husband proceed? Well he emails the spreadsheet to his wife as she is getting ready to go on a 10-day business trip. The wife then posts the spreadsheet on Reddit and it seems the husband hasn't spoken to her since.

The internet seems to be split on the issue with people joining both sides of the argument? What do you think? Was there a better way to handle the situation? Are both of them in the wrong? You can find the spreadsheet below.