There are no words that can describe what is happening right now! From every corner of this great country, people, in unison are looking up into the great expanse of sky experiencing the wonders of THE SUN AND THE MOON....of time & space...of heaven and earth....too much? LOL, I agree.

Ok..Ok... So by now WE ALL KNOW the "Great American Eclipse" is taking place as we speak. So...WHERE ARE YOU in the moment in time? If you have eye protective glasses, then you should be outside living in this moment up-close & personal! Go outside & check it out NOW...if not, that's cool. You can stay inside WATCH IT HERE!

This footage is coming to you live & direct from starting from Oregon over to South Carolina Skies. Shout out to people all over this country from literally EVERYWHERE that are sharing their personal footage on social media. If you do get a chance go outside & shoot your own footage, or snap your own pics, feel free to share the on


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