Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Hopefully you're ahead of the game and already have plans made, gifts bought, flowers at the ready and dinner reservations. If not, you're pretty much screwed! Why is it that a day set aside for love and romance is such a huge pain in the ass? Like Christmas every year I tell myself "I'm not going to wait until the last minute to get everything done and ready." But here it is again and I'm nowhere near ready.

Valentine's Day isn't even a real holiday, if it were we'd all have the day off. Now that I think about it I prefer Valentine's Day just the way it is. If we did have the whole day off we'd have to fill an entire day with love and romance, that would be pure hell. It's bad enough as it is! Don't get me wrong I do try, but usually fail.

Ever wish your wife or girlfriend saw things your way? Or maybe you've wished that they could see just how ridiculous this holiday is from a man's perspective? Well you're in luck! This hilarious video shows what Valentine's day would be like if guys and girls switched roles. Hit play, get a quick laugh then head out to the stores and buy some candy, flowers and all the other usual B.S. At least it's not a federal holiday...Yet!