Anyone who has ever enjoyed thumbing through the pages of a steamy romance novel late at night may want to listen up — literally. Audio erotica is quickly becoming a new favorite turn on for some people.

What Is Audio Erotica?

Audio erotica, or sexually explicit audio content, appeals to listeners' sexual fantasies by tapping into the sounds one might expect from porn.

From podcasts to websites, audio erotica typically comes in the form of voice-acted, narrated sexual stories. Audio such as moans and grows are often added, allowing the listener to fill in the blanks with their imagination.

Audio erotica appears to appeal to a primarily female demographic.

New NSFW App for Audio Erotica:

Caroline Spiegel, founder of audio erotica app Quinn, told The Cut that her idea for the app was inspired by both "horny Tumblr" and a Stanford computer science course.

In 2019, Spiegel discovered erotic audio content online in college, where she created her own audio erotica blog. "It went viral in my sorority because everyone loved it. No one had ever heard of audio erotic/audio porn before. Tumblr walked so Quinn could run," Spiegel told The Cut.

All audio tracks found on the Quinn app are voice-acted, with no video or photo content, allowing the platform to offer only "ethical porn" to its subscribers.

"No one is actually having sex, and no one's being paid to have sex," Spiegel shared.

All sex acts described are completely consensual. In addition, the app has a strict ban on content involving stories of "rape, minors, incest, and animals." However, fantasy "human creatures," such as vampires, are allowed.

Most Quinn content creators write and perform stories under an alias. One creator, simply known as "Bad Influence" on the app, has worked on 79 audio recordings that have racked up over 1 million plays.

Quinn currently boasts over 740,000 users.

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