So you're faced with the walking dead, what do you wield to protect yourself? Better start hoarding hammers!

Admittedly, my go-to would be a firearm. I'd like to be all TV-Fancy and say some sort of pistol or revolver, but we all know that isn't going to work.

Sure, you could grab an AR-15 and go to town with the few hundred rounds you'd be able to carry... But I'm pretty sure I'd leave it behind too.

The humble .22lr is a plausible platform... High capacity, plenty of sting, you can carry a few thousand rounds no problem... but it fouls rather quickly and you're back to square one.

The tried and true shotgun it is then. For centuries, this has been the devastating weapon of choice, and I have no doubt it would be the ideal weapon for dealing with zombies... until you ran out of ammo. Then what?

These guys from Man at Arms take everyday tools, and transform them into awesome zombie loving weapons. As you'll see, the simple ball peen hammer gives you the best odds.