It's happening again.  The world is ending.  This time it was predicted by the eBible Fellowship which is an online group headquartered near Philly.

It's all about that Blood moon last week and seems to be a stronger indicator that the world will end (well stronger than their last prediction of May 21, 2011).

So, despite the Bible's clear statement that no man knows the day or the hour . . . what if the world did end today?  What would you do?  Who would you call?  Where would you go?

Here is my list of 5 things I would do if the world were ending today:

  1. I would pray.  For myself.  For my loved ones.  For those I don't even know.
  2. I would find my husband and kid and we would hang together and love each other.
  3. I would call my parents and my brother and tell them I love them.
  4. I would invite everyone I love to the house so we could spend time together
  5. I would eat as much candy as possible while looking through my wedding photos with my sweet husband.

Notice my list has nothing about posting on social media until the internet no longer worked.  I didn't list all the work I would finish before the end.  I didn't include playing those last few rounds of Candy Crush.

So, if the world doesn't end in the next 24 hours -- maybe we should all live our lives if it was.  What is unresolved in your life?  What is your top 5?  Maybe you should do them today -- just in case there is no tomorrow.