I think we all agree, this entire past year has been an absolute madhouse. It started into a pandemic with a controversial local stay-at-home ordinance, it then dipped way into the stupid restricting and shutting the doors of local businesses and restaurants while the big conglomerates were allowed to reap rewards of a stifled local economy, and most fast food places closed their dining rooms electing to do all business from the drive through. As groceries were hard to get for a few weeks, business boomed and I'm not sure it's quite subsided even yet. Some of the biggest heroes of 2020, our fast food industry, is finally getting a much deserved pat on the back along with a padding of their wallets.

Whataburger is just the next national brand that has announced a massive bonus structure that is extending to those who've worked hard and deserve it. If you've driven past one of our Whataburgers this past year, I don't think there has been a time the drive thru wasn't jam packed with people wanting one of my personal 2nd favorite Lawton burgers. I like the classic double meat, double cheese with the spicy ketchup for the fries. Tasty indeed.

Because of the unending demand and popularity of their food this year, Whataburger is splitting up $90,000,000.00 between the staffs at every location in America not only for their "extraordinary service during the pandemic" but also how each Whatalocation responded to that massive 10-state winter weather anomaly we had back in February.

Whataburger CEO Ed Nelson said:

"The past year reshaped how we live, work and play, with the restaurant and hospitality industry being heavily impacted by the pandemic and this year's crippling winter storms. We are so humbled and grateful for the loyalty of our customers during this time, and we wanted to help ensure that our Family Members and their families were taken care of and thank them for continuing to go the extra mile to serve our guests with great Pride, Care and Love. Our Family Members and guests are the foundation of our success, and we are grateful for both."

While several Fortune 500 companies have already made the monetary effort to thank their dedicated employees over the last couple of months, it wasn't something anyone expected out of the fast food industry. Beyond that, there's a good pro-tip in life to pull out of this move... If you ever find yourself looking for a job, don't just take someones word on the culture of a company, always look to how well they treat their employees. Whataburger is wearing diamond pinstripes on the suit of social status today.

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