What is your distraction today?  We all have them but sometimes they change the course of your day and lead you from success to failure or from progress to stalled frustration.

We had a great Memorial weekend.  We went to the cabin our family owns in a beautiful state forest.  While there, I was attacked by something.  Something I could not control and something that has had a lasting impact on my ability to concentrate today.

Last night, my sweet husband, armed with his tube of bug bite cream, treated 87 bites upon my person.  I went to sleep with gloves on to prevent scratching.  Our kid had 22 bites and my sweet husband:  0.  So, while he is not distracted by the itching and weeping of dozens of bites, he is distracted with the constant complaints and treating of his family.

But, it's a new day.  The distractions that surfaced yesterday can't beat me today.  There is new work to be done, new success to be made and distractions must be put aside.

What is your distraction today?  If it might prevent your success, put a cream on it and don't let your distraction determine your success!  Even in these times when we are worried about our friends and neighbors, the distractions of worry can prevent us from being the best help we can be.  So, remove the distraction, focus on the issue and build.