So, there was a story posted earlier on titled: Aaron Carter (Still) Wants a Date With Chloe Grace Moretz...

In the interview, Chloe, who is currently dating Brooklyn Beckham (Yes chile, David & Victoria's offspring), recalled when she was four years old, she thought Aaron Carter was "So cool." She even goes on to say that "maybe one day they'll meet ."

Now the classy, gentlemanly thing for Aaron to do was to be polite, simply thank her for the flattery and just keep it moving; but noooooooooooo... this dude gotta show the world just how dehydrated he's become in his latter years.

He started repeatedly hitting her up directly (on Twitter) asking her on dates, talkin' bout "the crush was mutual." BOY BYE! That crush was SIXTEEN YEARS AGO. Ain't nobody checkin' fa you, not tuh-day. Not to mention the fact that you ain't had a hit in like...everrrrr!  Well, (apparently) his messages were in vain because she ignored Every. Single. One. Bwaaaahahahahaha! In fact, she curbed him SO bad that he ended up deleting all the messages from his own Twitter account.

Yeah, he may be all in her DM's, but trust is NOT going down.

So, to Aaron Carter; No shame. No disrespect. And forget being politically correct. I'mma tell you like I would a friend. Bro...YOU GOTTA KNOW that Chloe Grace Moretz is waaaaaay out of your league, right??? Not to mention the fact that she's all boo'd up with Brooklyn Beckham again.

Now, let me be clear that I am in no way trying to rain on his "dream-date-pipe-dream". In fact, I'm moderately in awe of his bold, albeit ridiculous audacity. I am also, however, just keeping it 100... as in realistic... as in boy this is NOT the year 2000; She is NOT a 4yr old little girl with a boy band/teen idol crush anymore; and quite frankly....YOU. ARE. NOT. POPPIN'.

STOP acting so thirsty!

And, a bit of advice just in case you decide to connect with another one of your Hollywood "mutual crushes" in the future... Set your standards lower cause boy you aiming tooooo high. #ISaidWhatISaid

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