9/11 Home Video Footage

What you are about to see is 9/11 home video footage shot by my friend Barbara Sicuranza. She is a film & video director & photographer living in NYC. She is also an amazing mom with two beautiful kids; and, she also happens to be the wife of legendary rocker, Chris Stein from the iconic punk band, Blondie. This video was shot outside their loft on Greenwich St. in Tribeca; around downtown on 09/11/2001. She says, "It took me years to even look at the footage..."

Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning

On the morning of 9/11/2001, I was 9 months pregnant, living in New York City. On this particular morning, I decided to walk home from an early morning prenatal appointment because, as every expectant mom knows, it's good to walk as you get closer to your delivery due date because it helps 'the baby drop."

I remember looking up at the sky as I was walking down the street taking note of how dark the sky seemed. "Hmmm, there must be a fire somewhere." It was a brief thought I had in passing... I kept it moving.

As I walked a couple blocks, I remember seeing LOTS of people who worked for the U.S Postal Service all gathered in the street on this one block in front of the post office. It had to have been a hundred of them. All I thought was, " Oh here we go...the mailmen are on strike again." It was a brief thought I had in passing... I kept it moving.

Not a Movie...It's Real Life

Fat, pregnant, tired & hungry; I thought I'd stop off at my friend's house who was along my way home. When I walked in, she was busy cooking or cleaning or something, so I told her I needed sit for a little bit & just watch television till I built up the strength to continue my walk. I picked up the remote, turned on the TV, & started channel surfing.

Belly, or rather, baby growling; not really paying attention to the shows on the TV; half-yelling to my friend in the kitchen about what food options she had & what she was cooking; & also half-exhausted from the walk & kinda falling asleep; I began to actually pay closer attention to what was on the TV. I began to wonder why this same movie was playing on every single channel. It was then that I quickly realized...this was no movie. The rest unfortunately, is very real history. Bless everyone affected by this painful tragedy.

Thank you 'Barb' (@FrancisBaconegg) for allowing me to share this video.

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