There were, on average 368 non-violent crimes in Lawton every single month in 2015.  Pretty crazy, right?  That means around 368 times a month (according to an officer had to respond to that incident and then do mountains of paperwork.  That's a pretty compelling reason to put non-emergency incident reporting online.  All those hours could be used actually fighting and solving crime instead of ice-bathing your hand from hours of tedious fill-in-the-blank.

The Lawton PD now has a way for you to report non-emergency crimes online.  You can report a crime here or a motor vehicle traffic collision here.

The benefit for you is intimidate access to your incident report (for insurance purposes and such).  The benefit for the Lawton PD is they can follow up more quickly and thoroughly.

The Lawton Police Department has also created a handy guide to help you determine if what just happened is something you should report online or something you should call in.  A good example is Assault.  You can report an assault online but not domestic violence.  Here is how the LPD describes each:

Simple Assault to enter in online form:  All assaults and attempted assaults which are not of an aggravated nature and do not result in serious injury to the victim.  Each victim will need to complete a separate report.  Examples:  Someone used their hands or fists to strike you; someone punched you in the face; someone kicked you during a verbal argument.

Simple Assault that cannot be entered:  Assaults that are domestic in nature cannot be reported online.  Domestic violence is defined as a pattern of abusive behaviors by one or both partners in an intimate relationship such as marriage, dating, family or cohabitation.

See the list of crimes you can and can't report online at the LPD website.