Being friends with your best friend's partner can sometimes be a tricky situation.

One woman took to Reddit explaining she hasn't always been the biggest fan of her bestie's husband, but never told her how she felt.

Things came to a head though when the husband sent her a series of "flirty messages," which left her disgusted.

"Due to our connection through her [best friend] we do sometimes talk on social media, not often but he is on my friend list," she wrote via Reddit, noting things got awkward recently.

"Three nights ago he made a pass at me, sending some rather flirty messages and commenting about a picture I'd put up a few hours earlier of myself at the beach with a friend," she continued. "I was naturally disgusted with this and asked him what the f--k he was doing and told him I was his wife's best friend, then asked if he was drunk."

She continued, "He quickly tried to backtrack and cover his arse but it was very clear he'd been making a pass from what he'd written. He then begged me not to tell her at which point I ignored him."

The woman took a "screenshot [of] all the messages" and immediately called up her friend the next morning asking her to meet face-to-face to discuss what had happened.

Andy Art via Unsplash
Andy Art via Unsplash

"I had wanted to tell her in person as it'd be easier to soften the blow rather than immediately sending all screenshots to her with no easing into it," she wrote. "I expected her to be upset but I was surprised when she got upset with me."

The friend accused the woman of leading her husband on as "he'd never do something like this without being tempted first."

"I told her I'd never do that to anyone last of all my best friend and pointed out how clearly disgusted I was by what he'd written," she continued. "I then told her I was worried because if he'd do this to her best friend what was he doing with women who didn't know her?"

The woman noted her friend "left angry" and the two haven't spoken since. "I've sent her a few messages since then but haven't gotten a reply, I hope it's just misplaced anger and she needs time to come to terms with this," she added.

Reddit users were quick to comfort the woman, letting her know she did the right thing by telling her friend.

"You did the right thing, she is just in denial at the moment," one person wrote in the comments, while another commented: "It's often easier to blame the other person when your SO strays than to admit your SO strayed. Just give her space and hopefully it all works out."

Others commented that the friend had likely caught her husband in the past doing something "shady."

"The friend has caught him doing something shady before. She's just trying to live in denial and OP [original poster] is trying to pull her out of it and she's unwilling," they wrote, while another weighed in: "I would bet it's not the first time she's been confronted with this either."

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