A woman recently vented on Mumsnet that she is starting to crack under the pressure of doing all the household chores, as she finds herself "constantly" doing laundry.

When it comes to household chores, it is helpful if partners split duties equally as to not put all the responsibility solely on one person.

Yet, she explained that when she asked her husband to carry some of the burden and do his own laundry, he became upset.

"I’m cracking under the weight of domestic chores. I am constantly doing washing for me, my husband and our baby," she wrote on the forum. "Despite several polite conversations with my husband, and him agreeing that he will do more, nothing changes. I don’t think he realizes the effort that goes into washing, drying, sorting and ironing clothes. Especially his work uniform!"

She noted she's asked her husband twice if he could wash his own clothes, telling him she will still wash her own laundry, their baby's clothes, and the towels and bedding.

After her request, her husband became "sulky and upset."

She added she plans to "broach" the subject with him again as she is "finishing maternity leave" and has to go back to work and can't continue to do all the laundry.

Users rallied behind the woman, explaining she wasn't being unreasonable for asking her husband to do his share of the chores.

"You absolutely should not be responsible for all of the washing. He isn't one of your children. If I were you I would just stop washing his work uniform… either he does it or he wears smelly clothes to work?" one person wrote, while another commented: "You need to tell him to stop sulking and to take his share of the housework, not just washing."

Another suggested the woman just stop doing his laundry altogether. "I mean you can throw some in whenever if there's room in the washing machine but don't go out of your way to wash them," they wrote. "And definitely don't iron and put them away."

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