Some beloved TV characters are sticking around a beloved movie star is making an unusual stop on the small screen. Here are today's Pop Bits:

Will and Grace Are Sticking Around

The highly-anticipated NBC revival hasn't even aired yet, but the network has already said it will bring it back for a second season. What's more, there will be four more episodes for season one, bringing the total to 16.

Lorde Doesn't Perform

The singer's set at Lollapalooza in Chicago was nixed Thursday, thanks to bad rain, which sounds like the name of a rare B-side she would record.

Wonder Woman's Crazy Ride

She's already taken the box office by storm -- now it's time for Wonder Woman to dominate theme parks. The Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster is slated to open next spring at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. "It will be the world's first single-rail IBox track coaster," reports USA Today.

This Is...Rocky?

Sylvester Stallone will guest star on This Is Us, playing himself, because, really, if he played any kind of character on that show it would be weird.

Some Super News

The crowdfunded sequel to the 2001 cult classic Super Troopers is done. Now, go camp outside your theater and wait for its official release.

LL Cool J's Very Cool Honor

The pioneering hip-hop artist will once again be a trailblazer when he becomes the first rapper recognized at the Kennedy Center Honors.

Facebook's Fake News Fight Ain't Slowing Down

The social network is continuing to go all in to take down fake news, so think twice before you believe anything you read.

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