My love for waffles began at an early age. My dad would get up on Saturday morning to cook for us. I guess this is where I also picked up the cooking habit.

Waffles were one of the best foods to have. He would serve them up hot and buttered with hot syrup on the side; bacon or sausage completed the meal. Growing up we always looked forward to this Saturday morning tradition.

Later on in life I discovered there were other times that waffles were delicious, like dinner time. Also, there were plenty of places that had waffles on the menu like Waffle House or IHOP. You could get them any way you wanted. I thought there was no other way waffles could be topped, until now.

Meet Wired Waffles. The only waffle that can give you as much caffeine as a 16 oz coffee. Want more? Just add the maple syrup to give you that extra boost. They come in three different flavors. Bacon Maple, Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Sugar flavors.They are sold in 12 packs or you can get a variety pack of 24.

So now that waffles can pack a punch with caffeine, would you rather eat them for your caffeine kick start or drink coffee instead?