A woman took to Reddit explaining her sister uninvited her from her wedding after she turned down her bridesmaid offer, which caused a rift between the two.

"I come from a big extended family. Including me and my sister, there are 24 female cousins and 17 male cousins," the woman wrote via Reddit. "Half of the cousins are already married. When the first one ever asked me to be a bridesmaid I declined. When I attend a wedding I want to have fun, eat food and dance. In exchange, I will get you a gift."

The woman noted she doesn't want to spend "energy," "time" and "money on your big day," and that when she gets married there will be no "bridal party" or "bachelorette party."

"Well all of the cousins understood, there were no hard feelings. And to be honest, with that many cousins it wasn't even an issue," she continued, adding that when her sister asked her and she said no, all hell broke loose.

"Now my younger sister is getting married. She asked me to be a bridesmaid and I declined. And I did it very gently," she wrote. "I told her sorry, but with working full time, being in the final stages of preparing my thesis and teaching some summer classes; that I would not make a good bridesmaid."

The woman added her sister is a "total bridezilla" and has a list of outrageous demands for her bridal party.

"The dresses she is looking at for her party are $450, she expects a weekend bachelorette in Vegas with all the bells and whistles," she detailed. "And wants everyone to attend dance classes to learn this elaborate dance to 'surprise' her with. I do not have the energy for all that."

Since declining her sister's offer, she has now been uninvited to her wedding, with the sister telling her if she is "not willing to put forth the effort to make her day perfect," she does not "deserve to be there."

"Honestly, I don't care. But my mom and some aunts are calling me an a--hole," the woman shared, wondering: "So am I the a--hole?"

Reddit users defended the woman, suggesting her sister is being outrageous for being upset with her saying no.

"You don't deserve to be there? Jesus, how full of herself can she be? After a comment like that, I wouldn't go to that wedding if she paid me. You dodged a huge bullet with this blessing of a dis-invitation," one person wrote, while another commented: "If she’s going to behave like this, just apologize you’ll miss it and say you’ll attend the next one."

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