On Reddit, a woman whose friend scheduled her bachelorette party the very same day as the woman's 30th birthday is now considering not attending her friend's wedding.

"In September I decided to tell my friends to save the weekend of November 19 for a party. They all accepted and I was thrilled," she wrote via Reddit, explaining she was excited to "have a large party" to celebrate the occasion.

"Fast forward to a week later, I get a wedding invite from one of the people that was invited that she was having her wedding on November 26. This is all pretty sudden, as they have already been legally married for 7 years," the woman shared.

She explained that she accepted the invite for the wedding, which is scheduled for the weekend after her birthday party. However, she received a shock when she approached her friends to confirm her birthday plans with them and discovered her friend suddenly decided to throw a bachelorette party the same weekend.

"So here I am November 10, and reaching out to confirm the venue and time with everyone. And no one can make it. Because this said friend is now throwing her bachelorette party on November 19. All of the people who had previously confirmed had thought that I would just have changed it to the weekend before, or that I had known and was just going to cancel. I told them I wouldn't cancel it and change my date and if they could make it that would be great. If not, unfortunate," she continued.

Now, the woman is debating whether or not to attend the wedding at all.

In the comments, users sided with the frustrated birthday girl.

"It's not a wedding. They've been married 7 years. This is really bizarre. I wouldn't be going either," one person wrote.

"I get some people have a small wedding and a bigger one later on, but having a bachelorette party after being married for 7 years is ridiculous," another commented.

"I can't help but feel that this was intentional by many people. No one told you when they got a conflicting invitation, no one questioned when your new date was until asked by you if they were still good to come to the original date, and this lady randomly throws together a wedding in less than a year?" someone else wrote.

"You are within your right to keep the date of your party and you are also within the right not to attend the wedding since you do not feel comfortable. Unfortunately your friends chose. I hope you have a good time, even with fewer people than expected," another user commented.

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