A clean home is supposed to be a happy home. However, one woman with a clean home is furious after her Ring camera revealed that her new cleaning service brought an uninvited guest into her house: a toddler.

Taking her gripe to parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman explained her house is not childproof, so she was upset when she found out her new cleaner brought a young child into her home without her permission.

"My cleaner retired, so I looked for another and found a small local company," the woman wrote. "The lady cleans herself and has a couple of people who work for her."

The woman shared she had met with the cleaner and locked in a cleaning schedule. Even though the pricing was more than she was paying before, the company seemed very professional.

"We are currently on holiday, and the lady suggested they do a really deep clean while we were away," she continued. "Again, all good, and I was prepared for it to take quite a while as my old cleaner really only surface cleaned, and I just did the toilets, etc., regularly."

The woman added she alerted the new company that she has a Ring doorbell that records activity outside of her home, and that she would be able to monitor when they come and go.

"Two cleaners came yesterday and were there for quite a while but needed to finish today," she wrote. "I checked the Ring today, and one cleaner arrived and unlocked the door, then instead of going in, she stands with her back to the Ring camera in what looks like a deliberate attempt to block it."

She continued: "There is no other reason to stand in that spot. Once she is 'in position,' she shouts to the other cleaner (couldn't hear what), and then that cleaner walks up the drive and past her."

The woman shared that "the angle of the camera means that it is still possible to see the second cleaner enter the door — with a toddler on her hip, but it wouldn't be obvious it was visible unless you knew exactly where the camera was pointing."

"They both go in, and then both come out very briefly to take a stroller in," she continued. "They stay for two hours and leave carrying toddler again."

The woman was in disbelief and immediately alerted the owner, who told her that "someone's childcare had let them down."

"There was (looks to me) a deliberate attempt to block the camera. My house isn't toddler friendly and could have been dangerous if the child wasn't properly supervised at all times," the woman explained, adding, "I don't see how you can effectively clean while supervising a toddler."

She continued: "I am minded to pay for yesterday in full but only for one cleaner today — so two hours instead of the four I was billed for, would that be reasonable? Also, I am not sure that I want them to clean for me regularly now."

Mumsnet users had mixed reactions in the comments section.

"I'm with you. They should have been upfront and asked if you minded or offered to do an extra hour or whatever to compensate. The deception would really annoy me," one person commented.

"If they had called to ask as a one-off emergency, I wouldn't have minded at all. It's the dishonesty in the deliberate attempt to conceal it from you that would make me question them as you want someone you can trust if you are leaving them alone in your house," another weighed in.

"If anything had been damaged or the work was bad, then fine, I'd complain. Otherwise, cut her some slack, sometimes childcare is a nightmare, and she could really need the money," someone else reasoned.

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